Collocation plan

A collocation plan contains all claims asserted by the creditors in the course of bankruptcy proceedings and indicates whether, to what extent and in what rank these claims participate in the bankruptcy revenue.

After bankruptcy proceedings have been instituted, the receiver takes an inventory of all the debtor’s assets. In addition, the receiver calls upon all creditors to submit their claims or other entitlements to the receiver within one month.

After the submission deadline, the receiver must draw up a schedule of claims as soon as possible. It provides comprehensive information on the claims (for example, their amount and ranking) participating in the bankruptcy revenue. It also lists the inadmissible claims with the reasons for their rejection. The bankruptcy office publishes the schedule of claims plan by issuing a copy to the responsible bankruptcy office.

The individual creditors are then entitled to contest individual items of the schedule of claims by means of legal action within 20 days, e.g. if their own claim has been rejected in whole or in part or has been ranked incorrectly.

With the help of the legally binding schedule of claims, the plan for distributing the bankruptcy proceeds and the final accounts can finally be drawn up.