Inheritance law, estate planning and succession planning

Thinking about our own death or the death of a relative or considering the possibility of losing your sound judgement can be an uncomfortable exercise. Failure to make provision for these events at an early stage can result in stressful situations both for the individual concerned and for those around them.

Careful estate planning at an early stage enables you to avoid stressful situations for yourself and those close to you. Wise succession planning ensures the long-term existence of your company.

We particularly provide support in the following areas:

  • Advice, assistance and representation in all inheritance matters
  • Comprehensive and legally compliant estate and succession planning, where required in collaboration with select network partners
  • Development, drafting, certification and review of wills, inheritance contracts, advance care directives and succession concepts
  • Carrying out and review of estate settlements
  • Assumption of executor duties
  • Representation of heirs in communities of heirs
  • Assertion and enforcement of inheritance claims