Personal precautionary measures

By issuing a comprehensive advance care directive and drawing up a patient decree, you may provide in advance for the event of incapacity and for medical emergencies, and appoint persons close to you to take actions and make decisions on your behalf. This renders any interference by the child and adult protection authority (KESB) unnecessary and relieves your relatives from important decisions.

The notarial drafting and certification of your advance care directive excludes the possibility both of ambiguities with regard to the content of your directive and of doubts regarding your capacity at the time you issue the advance care directive.

We particularly provide support in the following areas:

  • Drafting and certification of comprehensive advance care directives, containing detailed instructions and conferring authorities regarding all matters of daily life (personal care) and asset management (financial care)
  • Advice regarding the choice of the persons to be authorised, where required in consideration of any under-age relatives
  • Registration with the competent authorities and depositing of your advance care directive
  • Explanation of the content and issue of a patient decree and the options for accessing it in emergencies