Cartel and competition law

When developing contractual distribution systems (franchise and licensing agreements), entering cooperation relationships (cooperation agreements or creation of joint ventures) and exploiting a strong market position, companies often unknowingly run significant risks with regard to proceedings under cartel law. Market participants may also be severely limited in competitiveness by the unfair conduct of competitors.

To ensure your company is in the best possible position with regard to cartel and competition law, we support you particularly in the following areas:

  • Drafting of contracts and contract systems which are compliant with cartel and competition law, and/or strategic support in contract negotiations and review of existing contracts and intended competitive activities with a view to potential risks under cartel and competition law
  • Development of internal guidelines and check lists and performance of training sessions to ensure compliance with the provisions of cartel and competition law and recognise and avoid these risks at as early a stage as possible
  • Strategic advice in collaborations and representation to the cartel and competition authorities
  • Representation to the competition authorities and in court