Our public notaries will carry out the notarial certifications and authentications of your legal transactions which require a confirmation of authenticity or are subject to specific formal requirements.

If you require certification, please make a personal appointment with us in advance. The certification of your signature or other personal details requires presentation of a valid passport, an identity card or personal identity card.

Advice, and drafting and certification of the following legal transactions and documents

  • Company law:
    • Foundation of companies, capital increases and decreases
    • Resolutions of shareholders, general assemblies, boards of directors and management boards
    • Subsequent payment under subscription of capital stock
    • Dissolution of companies
  • Merger law:
    • Mergers
    • Splitting
    • Transformations
    • Assets transfers
  • Civil law:
    • Creation of foundations
    • Marriage, inheritance and cohabitation agreements
    • Wills
    • Advance care directives
  • Partnership law:
    • Inventory of assets
    • Asset agreements
  • Claims under the law of obligations
    • Surety agreements
    • Contracts of support for life (“Verpfründungvertrag”)