Sports law

In addition to the athletic challenges, sports clubs, athletes, sponsors, organisers and other companies active in the sports industry are also confronted with numerous legal challenges. In addition to the classic sports law issues arising from the rules of the respective sports federations, other specific legal issues arise in the context of sports law, for example in the area of contract law, personality rights or even procedural law. We regularly assist athletes as well as sports federations, sponsors and other companies in sports law matters. In addition, we have experience in sports-related arbitration and represent athletes before the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) in Lausanne.

Our activities include in particular the following areas:

  • Representation of athletes in association law related matters and arbitration proceedings.
  • Representation of athletes in doping proceedings.
  • Support of athletes and companies in connection with sponsorship, agency and other agreements.
  • Support of sports clubs and associations in connection with issues relating to association law, sanctions and data protection law.