Personnel placement contract

With a personnel placement contract, a personnel recruitment agency as the contractor undertakes to recruit suitable personnel for a company as the client in exchange for a fee. The private employment and temporary recruitment services are governed by the Employment Services Act (AVG).

The activity of the personnel recruitment agency serves to put the client into contact with job seekers, and aims to lead to the conclusion of employment contracts between the client and job seekers. The service of personnel recruitment agency is legally qualified as brokerage pursuant to Art. 412 et seq. of the Swiss Code of Obligations (OR).

Companies that regularly place personnel require a permit pursuant to the provisions of the AVG. While the word “personnel placement” describes the service of placing personnel from the employer’s point of view, the term “employment service” basically stands for the same activity from the employee’s point of view. To protect job seekers, Art. 8 of the AVG provides for the written form for personnel placement contracts.